Weekly Meals

Weekly Meals

Goodness Gracious Catering offers a ready made meal program.  Each week we make from scratch three different meals.  We try to vary the menus so that they include different kinds of meats, vegetables, and grains.  We strive to be balanced between healthy and tasty, trying to achieve a bit of both! Don’t care for some of the choices for that week? Find a friend and share!

Our goal is to feed busy families, working couples, starving singles, our aging parents and neighbors as well as home bound individuals. Our meals are easy to reheat or prepare quickly at home.  We believe that that we can save you time and money in the end by using the left overs to morph into a soup or salad, or just take to work for lunch the next day!  We want to answer the question…

“What’s for dinner tonight?”


The sun has come out so we are suspending our Meal Service until the fall.

Get your BBQ’s out, you can do it!

We can't wait to serve you in the fall!

3 Meal Plan (feeds 2 people) $45.00

3 Meal Plan (feeds a family of 4) $65.00

3 Meal Plan (feeds a family of 6) $95.00

*ADD-ON Weekly Soup (32 oz) & bread $12.00

*ADD-ON Weekly Dessert $10.00

*ADD-ON Vegetable $10.00

*ADD-ON Salad $5.00

We look forward to serving you good food Graciously very soon!!

Thank you for your continued support.